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Joris Leeman



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When a company initiates export development, it is essential to follow a systematic strategy formulation and decision-making process. Export Planning provides a methodology to plan and achieve internationalization. This process of export planning consists of four phases: export policy, export audit, export plan, and export roll-out. The author describes these four phases, and provides a 10-step guide for the construction of an international marketing plan.

Export Planning will enable readers to:
- systematically select and plan entries into new international markets;
- assemble a sound line of reasoning from strategy to implementation;
- enhance the chances of success through an integrated analysis and strategy review of marketing, logistics, organization and finance.

New in this edition
This 2nd edition includes a new chapter on how to implement the export transaction with detailed aspects of logistics shipping/documentation, customs clearance and financial insurance/payment.

Next to this, the digital learning environment Pearson MyLab NL will be available with this new edition. A lot of study and teacher's materials will be available on Pearson MyLab NL. You can find more information about Pearson MyLab NL here below.

Target audience
This book is intended for bachelor and graduate students at universities of applied sciences, business schools and universities.

Table of contents
About the author
Export Planning Part I
H1 Introduction export planning
H2 Internal and external analysis
H3 Business strategy and internationalization
Export Planning Part II
H4 Country analysis and selection
H5 Value chain and supply chain setup
H6 Export market strategy and entry options
Export Planning Part III
H7 Marketing mix and competitive positioning
H8 Logistics and organization
H9 Financial plan and legal issues
Export Planning Part IV
H10 Milestones and implementation
Creating milestones, identifying critical success factors, CRM - and SCM - implementation
Ch11 Implementing the transaction of the sale
Chapter on export transaction process, financial handling, logistics organisation and customs clearance.

MyLab NL
Pearson MyLab is a digital learning environment, enabling students to practice with the aid of digital study materials. Teachers can prepare their lessons and follow the progress of their students.

MyLab for students
MyLab offers students the following study materials: an interactive eText, cases and assignments.

MyLab for teachers
MyLab includes the following teacherís materials: an interactive eText, cases, example export plan reports, examples of the CAPEX investment-list and OPEX-list, example tests including answers and an updated instructorís manual.

More information about Pearson MyLab can be found on www.pearsonmylab.nl.

About the author
Joris J.A. Leeman is a consultant, trainer and author. He is a part time lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem and Nijmegen, and founder of the Institute for Business Process Management.

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  • ISBN 9789043035705
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  • 02-08-2017
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